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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Do you have any out of the ordinary Easter Traditions?

When my kids got a little too old to hunt for Easter eggs outside, but were still young enough to enjoy it. I started hiding their Easter treats inside the house. I was not very good with holiday traditions, but sooooo glad I thought of this one. I used to tell them to go outside while I hid the treats, and once they were called in they would run as fast as they could through the house searching. It always made me laugh to see them and actually enjoyed it more than the traditional outdoor hunt. We also usually found candy hidden in the house way after Easter.

What are some of your traditions?


  1. We also hide eggs and small toys around the house! We live in MN so it is not always easy to go outside! My oldest girls loves it and usually finds the eggs and then keeps re-hiding them all day long!

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    when i was little the easter bunny used to hide our baskets and i would always find my little sisters first and go half the day hunting for mine..lol

  4. We always get up early to see what the Easter bunny brought and then we get all dressed up in our new Easter dresses and go to church. We usually go to my husbands parents for lunch and an Easter egg hunt and then to my grandparents for dinner and another egg hunt. My girls love to find the eggs with money in them! lol
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  5. Hi there! I am following you back!
    My brats (as I call them on my blog) are getting older and less interested in the early traditions and only care about the food but their favorite traditions, I started as they got too old for Easter baskets. I started doing a scavenger hunt, leaving clues for the next clue. I wish I had of done it much earlier because they enjoyed it more than any Easter egg hunt or basket of candy.